And the first flower price goes to …

About one year after the official launch of GrENE-net, in Darwin’s 2017 birthday, the first flowers of this globally distributed evolution experiment just opened.

The site where the first flowers have been spotted is located in Mallorca, a mediterranean island of Spain (black star in the map). This is one of the 45 experimental sites (red circles in the map) that joined GrENE-net and planted the same mixture of seeds last fall.

The team in Mallorca is comprised by Carlos Lara, Gema Escribano, and Anna Traveset. They just took the first sample of flowers that will go into the sequencer in Summer.

Photo credit: Carlos Lara and Gema Escribano

About moisesexpositoalonso

I am an evolutionary geneticist working at the University of California, Berkeley. I try to understand how and whether species will evolve to survive climate change.
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